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Is it me, or is #HowTo one of those companies that is doing everything right? 

Lisa Minnelli

Holy cannoli. I am thoroughly impressed with the results we’ve been since switching to HowTo.

Susan Smith

It works on my phone too?! Wow #HowTo, you have done it all!

Susan Bone

Wow. #HowTo has helped me and my company to double leads in the first week! 

John Anthony

It works on my phone too?! Wow #HowTo, you really HAVE done it all!

John F. Akeman

I still cannot believe I just discovered HowTo. This is the future of doing awesome business things.

Tony Balogni

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Artist Directory Listing

FASO members get listed in our artist directory, which gets over ## visitors a month.

Free Promotion

When you upload art to FASO we promote it to over 70K art lovers in our Daily Art Show newsletter.


We handle all the technical wizardry to help ensure you rank high on search engines.

Email Newsletter

Our built-in email newsletter helps you keep in touch with collectors until they're ready to buy.

Juried Contests

Get free entries into our prestigious BoldBrush Contest. Winners get featured every month.

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You'll get marketing advice that really works delivered right to your inbox every day.


Exclusive Access to Our AMP Program.

FASO, the Art Marketing Platform That Makes AMP Even Easier.

$50 Worth of BoldBrush Ad Credits.

We'll Even Build Your FASO Artist Website for You!

All for Only $50 Your First Year!


FASO's built-in ecommerce makes it easy to sell your art right from your website. Just enter the email address you used to create your PayPal account and add prices for your artwork. FASO adds engaging Buy Now buttons and a streamlined shopping cart that ensures that your collectors make it all the way to the payment confirmation page.

Built-In Ecommerce That Makes It Easy for Collectors to Buy Right From Your Website

Powerful Art Selling Tools Like View in a Room and Artwork Zoom.

FASO includes powerful art selling tools that you'd often have to pay a lot more for somewhere else. For example, Our View in a Room feature helps collectors visualize what your artwork might look like in their home by showing them your piece to scale in a variety of rooms. And FASO's Artwork Zoom feature lets them inspect the fine details of your brushwork up close.

Built-In Newsletter and Blog to Help You Keep Your Audience Engaged 

FASO comes with all of the marketing tools that you'll need to put the AMP formula into action and tell your story. It includes a newsletter platform that helps you create gorgeous email newsletter, a blog that you can use to archive your newsletters, and a newsletter sign-up form to help you build your list of subscribers.

Free Entries in the BoldBrush Art Contest and Exhibit to Promote Your Art

FASO includes free monthly entries in our prestigious BoldBrush Art Contest and Exhibit, which is juried by world-renowned artists and eagerly followed by our audience of over 38K collectors. We even make it easy for collectors to buy your art right from the contest website, helping you generate more art sales and grow your collector base.

Automated Art Marketing That Promotes Your New Art to Your Audience

Whenever you upload new artwork and tell us that you're ready to promote it, FASO automatically sends out a gorgeous newsletter announcing your new piece to everyone who signed up to receive New Art Alerts on your website. You can also tell FASO that you want the same email to go to your newsletter subscribers, saving you valuable time.

Automated Art Marketing That Promotes You and Your Art to over 38K New Collectors

Your new artwork is also promoted the very next day in our DailyArtStream newsletter, which reaches over 38K collectors eager to find and buy new art. DailyArtStream generates a lot of quality traffic for our members, and it all happens just by keeping your FASO website up to date with your latest artwork.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 

There's much more waiting for you to help you sell your art and we're adding new features all the time!

This Offer Includes:

Exclusive Access to AMP

Built-In Ecommerce

Automated Marketing Tools

Newsletter and Blog

Facebook Integration

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Pinterest Integration

Instagram Integration

Artist Directory Listing

Free Custom Domain

Free 1-Click Custom SSL

Free Branded Email Account

Free Monthly Contest Entry

Website Stats

Search Engine Optimization

Friendly, Expert Support


I watched your AMP webinar yesterday, applied some of your advice to my latest newsletter, and got quite a surprise. One of my subscribers, who I've never met in person, bought five paintings from me! I'm accustomed to receiving great results from newsletters, but not sure they've ever been this amazing.

Jill Banks
Plein Air Oil Painter and FASO Member Since 2009


Get $50 Worth of BoldBrush Ads Credits!

When you sign up for FASO today, you'll also receive $50 worth of BoldBrush Ads credits that you can use to promote your art, exhibits, and workshops through our family of newsletters: FineArtViews, Informed Collector, and The DailyArtStream.

Our newsletters reach over 38K collectors and 70K fine artists. It's a great way to jumpstart your art sales, promote your exhibits, and drive attendance to your workshops. And it's yours free when you sign up today!

Every FASO membership comes with our amazing guide to marketing and selling your art called The BoldBrush Art Marketing Playbook (or AMP for short).

AMP is a proven method for selling more of your art in less time, so you can spend more time doing what you love… creating art! But this is only the beginning.

In addition to AMP, you'll also get exclusive access to our weekly AMP Webinar Series where we teach our members how to implement the AMP method.

Members also receive exclusive access to our private Art Marketing Mastermind Group on Facebook where you can connect and learn from our experts and other artists who are seeing success with the AMP method.



Sign up now for just $50 for your first year of membership.


The AMP webinar was amazing! I learned so much, especially about newsletters and why it's important to send them regularly every month.

I sent my first newsletter on January 25 and I've got a confession. Here it is 2 months gone by and I have not sent another. So I reached out to your support team for help, and Hector shared some wonderful newsletter examples with me.

Long story short, I sent out my newsletter at 5PM yesterday and included a new watercolour artpiece that I completed 2 days ago and Good News! At 10 am this morning it was sold to one of my subscribers!!!!

Gloria Hunt
Watercolorist and FASO Member Since 2019

Following yesterday's webinar I decided to take your advice and venture out of my comfort zone a bit. I typically get a few responses when I upload new work to my website from those who've signed up to follow me through your New Art Alerts feature. 

Responding to one of these messages, I told the client a little of the background story of the painting and then added that since it was new and still unframed I could offer it to her for an unframed price of 'x'.

I've never before brought up sales in one of these exchanges before. Big mistake I guess! She just purchased the painting with the frame of her choice. I am thrilled to have found a better way to help people buy my work.

Jeanne Smith
Pastel Landscape Painter and FASO Member Since 2016

After we finished with our conversation, I immediately started making the changes to my website you recommend. I picked a new template, created a slide show on the home page, created categories for my work, and reviewed all the prices for my paintings.

Then I really got started on my email list for my newsletter.  I started with the first two people that signed up on my website and then went to the guest book from my last show, where I asked people to give me their email address for my newsletter.

Then I stayed up till 2:30 this morning researching people that have purchased paintings and given me their email address. There was one collector whose email I didn't have but I knew his name.

So I found him on LinkedIn and at about 9:00 this morning I sent him a note asking him if he would like to receive an art letter from me once a month. I also asked him to look at my new website.

I was outside working on the yard this afternoon and my wife brought me a reply from Linkedin. He not only gave me his email address, he also purchased three paintings for $5,000!

He blew me away. It was the new website! Oh, and the fact that I contacted him, which reminded him who I was, etc, etc.

Frank "Chip" Mayes
Oil Painter and FASO Member Since 2018



Which FASO plan are you offering through this special promotion?
This promotion includes our FASO Gold Plan, which offers everything that artists need to sell their art online and plenty of room to grow. For more details on our Gold Plan and how it compares to our other plans, visit our pricing page.

How much are you going to charge me after my first year is over?
After your first year of FASO you have plenty of options available to you. It all depends on what you want to do. You can:

  • Renew your Gold Plan with a monthly membership and pay just $30/month.
  • Renew your Gold Plan with an annual membership for $312/year.
  • Switch to one of our other pricing plans.
  • Or cancel your membership.  

Do I have to take you up on your offer to build my website for me? Or can I build it myself?
You are under no obligation to use our team to build your new FASO website. If you'd like to build it ourself, go right ahead!

How long does it take for your team to contact me about building my website?
You'll receive an email from our team with instructions as soon as you take advantage of this offer. After that, it typically takes about two weeks for them to follow up with you and start building your website.  During this two week period we ask that you review the instructions and collect everything that our team will need from you so that they can get started as soon they are ready.

Once your team starts building my website, how long does it take before it's ready?
It typically takes about two weeks for our team to finish building your website once they have everything that they need from you. So please make sure that you review the instructions that you receive from them and have everything ready for them when they reach out to you.

Can I get access to AMP without becoming a member of FASO?
We're sorry, but access to AMP, our AMP webinars, and our Art Marketing Mastermind Facebook Group is something that we exclusively offer to our members. The good news is that now you get access to all of our AMP resources and FASO for an amazing introductory price!

How do I get my BoldBrush Ads credits and how do I use them?
Our team will issue your BoldBrush Ads credits as soon as your website is complete. When you place an ad on our platform, our team reviews your submission and uses your BoldBrush Ads credits to pay for them.

I live outside the United States. Can I pay for this offer in my local currency?
We're sorry, but we only accept payments in US dollars at this time.